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Afghanistan is totalitarian country. If they reveal their gay identity they will receive threats. Kabul is a political hub where many powerful groups flex their muscles using tribal influence, wealth, and violence with an obvious and iniquitous agenda to contribute towards political and social order across Afghanistan including in the capital itself.

The strong network base dependent on kinships, social and religious alliances makes it difficult to maintain anonymity in Afghanistan in general. In this context, geographical distances and mobility play little or no role in protecting gay men. Denigrating sexual identities is part of a political game to make a statement and express your loyalty to Islam and the Quran, resulting in bigger kinship and influence over key decisions in the capital city.

This results to an imminent threat and violence from the police and government officials that hang over gay men like a dark cloud in Kabul. Raped and beaten, gay men are vulnerable and exposed to egregious violations of their human rights in Kabul and the rest of Afghanistan alike.

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The past two years has shown intensity in the conflict in Afghanistan especially in Kabul. The war continues to remain unabated, showing an increase in Taliban and IS gains , both in territory and influence. Only This number is increasing. Given that the Afghan government do not have the institutional capacity to provide security and support for vulnerable displaced groups such as women, children and homosexuals, they are ever more vulnerable with lack of access to safe places.

There are legal entities and government ministries here. Ritu Mahendru is a freelance journalist based in London.

She divides her time between Afghanistan, India, and the United Kingdom. Ritu has a Ph.

'Fake Life': Being Gay In Afghanistan

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About Editors Authors Partners. Tracking the backlash Growing and globalising networks of conservative and fundamentalist groups are pushing back against our sexual and reproductive rights. The practice pre-dates Islam, and is believed to involve boys because of the general inaccessibility of girls.

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Openly proclaiming to be gay in Afghanistan, however, can carry severe consequences. And once they did, not only could they not share them, they had to suppress them for their own safety.

Afghanistan LGBT community living under threat of death

They could never accept themselves or talk to anyone about their feelings. In , Zaher left the country and settled in Toronto, Canada where he works in the construction industry. Russia is notoriously intolerant toward homosexuals, but the practice itself is legal. In China, homosexuality was legalized in and removed from the official list of mental illnesses in Nothing changed.

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  5. After hearing a friend talking about homosexuality, Rameen went to an internet cafe and looked up what it means to be gay. It will never change. It is natural. For gays under Islamic State rule, isolation and fear of a cruel death. Call We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. New search.

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