Hottest gay celebrities

And while we have a thing for bad boys , that can change. Just say when, Jonathan.

Hot Gay Men - Hot Gay Guy Celebrities

Don Lemon. Marc Jacobs.

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  • Thomas Roberts.

We're not so sure about his man-dresses, but that sexy stubble more than makes up for it. Neil Patrick Harris.

Kyle Dean Massey

Between Zachary's pup and the Star Trek star himself, we can't really decide which one we want to snuggle up to first. Ricky Martin. Sure, he's hot as hell, but it doesn't hurt that he loves kids, too.

Luke Macfarlane. He may hail from up north in Canada, but we'd like to take this Brothers and Sisters star downtown. Best Known For: On Instagram in The year-old explained his worries about coming out in the entertainment industry a series of posts on Instagram.

10 Hot Gay Men We'd Like To...

Came out: During his time in Glee Chris came out. He is an actor, singer, author, model and producer.

The question is: Yes you are. Talking on the social media site and sharing a rainbow picture, he said,.

The 40 most famous bisexual/gay/lesbian celebrities

Joey has always, since the beginning of his fame although it was through a music video that his sexuality was established more explicitly. He began dating Instagram star Daniel Preda in Came out in: In an interview with a magazine. On social media. It was released in In he rose to fame in the Netflix drama series, 13 Reasons Why.

During the following press and interviews, it was established that Tommy was into men. Troye Sivan.