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Slotnick, a Harvard graduate, takes a no-nonsense approach to love. Slotnick, 40, who has been coaching for five years and married for six. Ideally, she wants clients, most of whom are women in their 20s and 30s, to devote 15 hours a week to their search surfing the Web counts for three hours, max. You have to be in the game. I would devote my 15 hours a week, and we would have a weekly one-hour post-mortem.

It seemed like a lot of money and trouble to gather advice that my grandmother could probably give. But Ms. Slotnick seemed to offer good guidance, like learning how to balance assertion and aggression, and whether to kiss on the first date yes, so the man knows you want to see him again. No one can say for sure how many dating coaches exist, as the field is largely unregulated. Anyone can offer the services, although some coaches have degrees in psychology.

The International Coach Federation, a professional association, sent out a questionnaire to 30, coaches worldwide.

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Of the 6, respondents, 20 percent said they specialized in some kind of relationship coaching. It is really the single most important aspect in our life. Coaches have different methods — some work strictly over the phone, others provide in-person consultations, while others offer total immersion weekends, in which the coach lives with you and monitors your behavior.

But their messages are similar: Stay positive!

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Be open-minded! There are successes. In , while grappling with a dating drought, Adele Berne, now 27, hired Ms. In the beginning, Ms.

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Berne, an assistant buyer at Juicy Couture, found the hour-a-week rule daunting. You have to put the hours in. It changed my mentality.

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That relationship fell apart, but two years ago Ms. Berne met a man online, with whom she now lives. She credits Ms. Slotnick with her success: Jillian Mazer, a year-old technology consultant in Los Angeles, hired April Beyer, a relationship coach in Los Angeles, because she had not been involved with anyone for two years. When the two met, Ms.

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Mazer was dressed in her typical attire: When you play a sport, who helps you get better? Your coach. With these 12 awesome dating coaches in New York City, you can probably even score. She will coach you through decoding text messages, writing your online profile and flirting on social media.

Twitter Handle: He works with his team to provide the best dating coaching.

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This entails offering innovative strategies and techniques to people who want to reach a higher quality of life with higher-quality relationships. Bragging Rights: She has since uncovered the secrets to a successful relationship. True love exists and can last a lifetime. She will be your love mentor along the way, helping you to find it for yourself. A former player who realized the error of his ways, Titus now spends his time teaching women how to find their true love, as well as couples how to reignite the passion in their relationship.

Barnes has more than 30 years of personal dating and relationship experience, which gives her a lot of insight to offer her clients. She makes dating an empowering experience for you. Moheban-Wachtel has always been interested in how people relate to one another. Events to sooth minds yearning to grow. Knowledge is sexy. Discover what you don't know about gay. Have an event that you'd like to feature? Email it to hughhysellnyc gmail.

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