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I feel like I'm I'm tired of being my boyfriend's punch ball and I I've been with I love my wife of 10 years - but we never have sex I have known I am keen to marry my amazing girlfriend but she isn't I'm a Hindu and My friend has become a Debbie Downer and judges us One of my I'm sick and tired of playing second fiddle to I'm a widow who I'm very introverted and keen to find friends I am a quiet, Dear Allison: I can't accept my child's disability - it's making Q I am ashamed of my He's so incredibly mean to me that I'm not sure I want I have been with My husband is abusive to me - but I just can't leave My husband is When I drink I get the urge to cheat on my girlfriend I'm struggling Her concerned children say their mother is an My adult nephew I'm a married Power couples: What is it that After 20 years of marriage we've drifted so far I have been I feel so happy when I'm with this wonderful woman I am not even Grindr is what you make it.

It's really up to the user and what he decides to do. Grindr isn't going to magically put a man in your bed; you choose that. Let's see what users do on Grindr, anyway. The researchers found that Of course, some may not like hearing that their boyfriend needs to "kill time" or wants to make new friends if you're in his life, but look at it this way: At least he isn't hooking up. But speaking of hooking up, according to the same study, If someone were to ask you to describe your boyfriend by comparing him to a celebrity who's most like him, whom would you choose?

The latter celebrities were all cheaters, so a boyfriend like them probably wouldn't be trustworthy on Grindr if you are in a monogamous relationship. The former celebrities are considered amazing partners, specifically Gosling, so maybe you would let a boyfriend like them log onto Grindr. It applies even more if your partner has a habit of stepping out on you.

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You wouldn't take someone to a buffet if they were on a liquid diet. You wouldn't go a peanut store if you were allergic to peanuts.

And hopefully you wouldn't stand in traffic if you didn't want to get hit by a car. It's not too crazy, then, to think that you probably wouldn't want your boyfriend to be hanging out on Grindr if he has a high chance of hooking up with someone else. When and if your boyfriend brings up the Grindr conversation, look at him and say, "Sure, babe! You get an account, and I'll get an account, and we can talk on there, too! It will be so much fun. I will be able to see where you are at any time of the day, down by the feet.

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  4. This is what you should say when you haven't thought it through all the way. You say this over lunch or in bed one morning when the topic comes up. You don't want to seem either too controlling or too free, and by saying "maybe," you allow yourself to occupy that middle zone and take the rest of the day to really think about it.

    If you don't need to think about it, and the answer is really easy for you, take the time anyway. I never worried about another man taking my place, but could not compete with drugs that made him feel good With out sex. Those of you that say that you are in a monogamous possibly are only monogamous on your end, that is very common. I myself have laid in several guys beds whose husbands thought that they were not screwing around, but they were, with me!

    I have no guilt either and the nice husbands pic was even on the dresser too. Someone is always out of town or busy or something, then I move in and take it. You can tell yourself whatever you want but that does not make it so, I am always waiting to snatch up the leftovers. Just Wow!!! He realized that letting me occasionally try new things with other guys was WAY better than me secretly doing it behind his back.

    I do anything except bottom for the guy I love. There is no such thing as an open relationship.

    14 Signs Your Gay Boyfriend Is A Keeper

    There is unfaithfulness. If you consent to your partner being unfaithful, you are basically dissolving the relationship you have with him. I get so sick and tired of these promiscuous gay rats who go around thinking the world is their oyster and they can do whatever they please without regard for the feelings of the people they lull into relationships. If you want to be a promiscuous gay rat, go ahead and do it. Open relationships have to be two-ways, otherwise one partner is carrying the burden.

    Going along is not a solution, it will only lead to frustration and anger. The figure out you next steps. And it seems to work for them. Every guy is different.

    Every relationship is different. Honesty, communication, compassion in large doses to keep a relationship going, whether open or closed. Run as fast as you can and as far away from this guy as possible.

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    If a guy asks for an open relationship and his partner says no he is only going to do it behind his back anyway. The point of asking is only to allay their guilt and take the pressure off. Jack Meoff: Gay men who discuss this issue openly will rarely secretly break the agreement. Even if there is dissatisfaction, the parties will almost always stick with the arrangement as initially agreed or else end the relationship. But secret cheating is not a thing among those who communicate. It is more of an issue for couples who do not explicitly agree to monogamy.

    14 Signs Your Gay Boyfriend Is A Keeper | Thought Catalog

    Bad match. What are you supposed to do…?! Be unhappy, but in love? I had tears of joy in my eyes, when my boyfriend told me I could pursue other sexual partners safely, if I needed to get my gay oats out. Myself, coming from a heterosexual marriage, that just is really unheard of.

    I’m worried my daughter’s boyfriend is gay. How do I tell her?

    Time to break up.