If your gay do you go to hell

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If they refer to Sodom and Gomorrah You might respond: What actually happens in the story is that Lot receives unknown visitors. There is nothing in this scenario that resembles a loving relationship between two consenting adults. This refers instead to rape and abuse which God rightly condemns. That is the real sin in the text. When we look at other parts of the Bible we can learn how the Biblical writers thought about this sin of Sodom and Gomorah. For instance, in Ezekiel And Amos 4: I hope it's clear, though, that if a gay person is in a gay relationship, that person ought not to be received into full communion.

Good observation about fat vs gay people.

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However "the church" has one answer is wrong. Several denominations within the body of Christ do openly accept gay people. Many churches within other denominations do too. So to make that generalization of the only answer the church has is wrong. We are constantly asking who is my neighbor and where is the Spirit at work.

Our answers vary within the body of Christ. Your evangelical background gives different answers than mine. Keep asking ans searching for the Spirit at work. You are on your way if you keep asking those questions and allow the spirit to work! Did you miss the point of this article? YES, the Bible says that is wrong But it also says eating shrimp, indulging in food, touching the flesh or carcass of a swine bye bye football , getting a tattoo, wearing a garment of materials mixed together, getting divorced, etc. So if you're saying you go to hell for breaking any one rule in the Bible It is an interpretations of the bible that says it is wrong.

There are other interpretations that disagree. So Riada, how many gay men have you killed? Your god commands it after all.

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At least your Muslim cousins, who worship the same god, have the balls to obey his orders. Folks like you; however, just thumb your nose at your god's commands. U too, sambo. Stanky weed patch, spray in your face pleuring sidearm 12 gauge, u scking perverted pehile.

Belief is based off of opinion, it can either be true or false. Atheist and some scientist believe there is no Creator God , but creation created itself. Christians know that there is a God due to the evidence all around us. There is a difference between believing and knowing. Scientist cannot give solid physical evidence proving that love exists. Yet doesnt pretty much everyone know it exist?

There is less evidence that love exist then there is evidence that God exist.

Ask John: 'Can I be both bisexual and a Christian?'

There are physical things all around us proving God's existence. What evidence can anyone prove that love exist? Scientist have never seen black holes nor can they prove that they exist yet they say they know it exist. Is this not faith? They say gravity exist as well as wind is this not faith? So who is really blind Christians or atheist? The answer is crystal clear.

Just a reminder John 8: The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. You are trying to make a logical argument based on faulty things. The sooner everyone gets it thorugh their heads the better - God can be neither proven nor disproven. Love can be niether proven nor disproven well, maybe other than the love of a mother for her child. Once you understand those concepts -- then science and Christianity no longer need to be at odds. For instance, is it possible the big bang theory occurred and that it was God who set those events in motion?

When I hear creationists stating the world is only 6, years old I roll my eyes. If you read the Bible, time doesn't even start until the 4th "day" but the first 3 days are still referred to as days and nights. So what does that tell all our genius "creation scientist" friends??? That maybe a literal translation of the Bible isn't possible? I am a strong believer in Christ and a strong believer in science. The 2 don't have to be and never should have been mutually exclusive.

The only reason they ever were is because religioins feel threatened when science advances human knowledge. We just don't have any objective evidence to suggest that God exists. Sorry, but that's the fact.

I was going to post a comment in relation to trolls. But then I realized that it will just get trolled and that trolls will be trolls and that's the end of it. So I didn't. Reblogged this on Melinda Blunk Letting Go, and Letting Life and commented: I read this article, and I absolutely loved it I feel the same way he feels!

From Meet the Feebles by Peter Jackson God loves us all He loves us all and wishes we would love each other with the same passion. People, get on with your lives, they are a gift. And Those who refuse to come to Him and accept His love, will spend eternity apart from Him. There is only one other alternative. Think-About-It I appreciate you're phrasing it as spending "eternity apart from Him", instead of the usual spending "eternity burning in Hell.

Thank you! I'm sorry friend, but there is only one another alternative. Cq, we can wish and hope and even make ourselves believe that there are more alternatives, but there are not!

Is Homosexuality A Sin

We have immortal souls, and there are only two places for those souls to go: Your entire post is false and does not depict God as he in fact is. Perhaps you should study the scriptures in earnest before you speak. Think-About-It But you don't know that yours is the only end result, do you?

You may have faith that this is so, but other humans with as much faith believe in the alternatives. Sorry, but it's all just a matter of opinion. I am seriously appalled.. LOL this guy should right Obama's speeches. I think the point is that, for a Christian and for all of us who otherwise think that Jesus had a lot of wise things to say, there is something fundamentally wrong with our society when so many people have difficulty burning off calories that others could easily use just to keep from dying.

We actually waste about a third of all the food grown and imported into the USA due to spoilage, and throwing away the parts that just don't "look" as pretty to eat, or the stuff left over from the enormous meals we do eat. If there was even a fraction of that kind of waste going on around Jesus he'd have likely identified it as "wrong. I think you meant "write" and I think the president is capable of speaking intelligently on his own.

Unlike the one before him. Some argue that since ho mose xual behavior is "unnatural" it is contrary to the order of creation.