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These couples and their children would become huge assets to the Church and the establishment of Zion throughout the world. The positive results to the Church worldwide would be enormous. For this reason, I believe it is only logical to conclude that the Church will adapt to the needs of its members, and that soon a revelation will be coming that reverses the current policy prohibiting same-sex marriage.

And when that happens, the Church needs to jump in immediately to start providing support to strengthen gay members in establishing loving, Christ-centered same-sex marriages that will endure. What a huge blessing this would be to the Church and to all its members, gay and straight, all over the world.

In the meantime, it will be largely left up to us as individual gay Mormons to hold fast to our temple covenants and the temple standard of chastity. We can do this, with or without the support we should be getting from the Church, and seek after virtuous, loving, Christ-centered same-sex relationships that can be worthy of marriage, the temple, and all the blessings of eternity.

One of the first comments I got to the above post stated that I am much more optimistic than she is. Let me explain why I can justify such optimism. I know that my optimism around this topic can be quite surprising to most people. Especially when the Church receives such negative PR as it has over the gay marriage issue, or when change is clearly in its best interest. Wilford Woodruff ended polygamy when under pressure from the federal government, and there was real fear for the survival of the Church.

Spencer W. Kimball reversed a century of false doctrine in the Church by ending the ban of priesthood and temple blessings for members of African descent, a change that was essential for the growth of the Church in Brazil, Africa, and other nations around the world. Already we have seen possibly hundreds of thousands of people leave the Church because of its position.

Not only gay members, but their family and allies. And today, Millennials are leaving the Church in large numbers, greatly influenced by this issue. I believe the Brethren are very aware of this issue and how it is impacting the future of the Church. Considering the changes that have already been implemented in the Church since President Nelson took the helm is an evidence that even he might be considering a change to this policy prohibiting same-sex marriage.

Notice that one of the new apostles called, Elder Gong, has a gay son himself and could be a very strong force for changing the policy. And certainly by the time Elder Holland becomes president of the Church after Nelson, Oaks, and Ballard , change is almost certain. There is a rumor that the decision to implement the Exclusion policy took place when Elder Uchtdorf and Holland were away on travel, and they were not consulted before it was implemented.

It is almost certain that they were left out of the decision intentionally because they would have opposed it. Considering the ages of Nelson, Oaks, and Ballard, it is unlikely any of them will still be living more than years from now. The much younger Elder Holland will then become the president of the Church, and I believe he will call Elder Uchtdorf back into the First Presidency as one of his counselors. Then the tide will turn, and there will be few in the Q15 to oppose acceptance of same-sex marriage in the Church. I would like nothing better than to see your ideas come to fruition, but there are too many obstacles in Doctrine for it to happen.

The one point you have not addressed is the plan of Eternal procreation as the goal of marriage in the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom. Perhaps God has a plan for two male spirits to beget more spirits. That would be an interesting thought to pursue. Mike, because there has been no specific revelation to the whole Church concerning the doctrine of what will happen to same sex oriented individuals and couples in the eternities, we must rely only on what we do know and avoid speculation.

Affirmation: LGBTQ Mormons, Families & Friends

While such an outcome would still be a wonderful existence in the Celestial Kingdom, we still do not have enough that has been revealed on this subject to do more than just speculate. The Church does not prohibit marriages of couples who are infertile and cannot produce offspring. This includes elderly couples who get married and who are far beyond the years of bearing children. President Nelson is himself one of those who has been married when there is no chance of producing offspring. Does the inability to procreate make the marriage any less worthy of exaltation? Certainly not. It is therefore reasonable to extend this same logic to same-sex couples.

Growing up as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I was always taught about eternal families, about happiness coming from families — you know, the kind where you have a man and a woman and a couple of kids or I always felt I was out of place. Nothing specific, at least. Everyone else got specifics like, marry in the temple, be worthy of a temple marriage, get married, have children.

So, that means I have to live the rest of my life unable to love and be loved in return in the romantic, passionate sense — something that everyone yearns for and wants in their life. Something so intrinsically beautiful to mankind. Granted, that picture in my head was always one where I would either be alone raising some kids, or with another man who I loved and could grow old with. So this ate at me until I left on a mission. I loved my mission. I loved the people I taught, but I was still distraught about the idea that I will never be happy for the rest of my life.

Big regret. Aside from the cheap tuition, it is not worth being here for someone like me.

Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds on His Guilt as a 'Unique Mormon' - Extended Cut

I face challenges every day that have just worn down on me — so much so that I suffer from manic depressive episodes coupled with near-crippling anxiety. The same fears are always being brought back and triggered by talks about dating, and dating, and marriage, and dating.

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Instead, I feel rejection and fear at every corner. Guys here can chat it up with some girl, flirt, get their number, go on dates, have some fling or an actual relationship. How does it feel to live a thousand heartbreaks in a semester?

Once-prominent 'conversion therapist' will now 'pursue life as a gay man'

Come to an LDS school as a gay student. Sarcasm aside. I do service, I do all the things that I have been told should bring happiness. To reiterate, there is nothing, absolutely nothing in the scriptures, in modern day revelation, in anything , that talks about this so-called trial, aside from the fact that I should be stoned should I romance another man.

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  • I am told to hold on to the iron rod, but for how much longer? I am told that mortality is going to be but a blink of an eye, but I would rather die now then spend another half a century of loneliness and quiet desperation. I am told that I can be happy by being a good Mormon.

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    • I have been pondering this a lot. This is why I stand at the edge not knowing what to do. Anyway, I just needed to get that off my chest. And it keeps sucking every moment of every day. There is nothing for me here. If there is, tell me. Let me know. Your condolences can only go so far. I feel so bad for you. No one should have to live a life without love and intimacy.

      Thank you for sharing this! I wish you all the best and I truly believe things will get better for you. I KNOW this is true. You will have it. There are many of us ready and willing to stand up for you and stand by you. You are worthy and deserving of love! Much love and peace to you!

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      My heart breaks for you. As a lesbian woman who fell in love with her Visiting Teacher, I can tell you that there is an incredible amount of happiness outside of the church. We have raised our six children to be kind, caring, compassionate humans. You are so strong in reaching out, in sharing your story, your fears, your heartache, your sadness. Please close your eyes and feel all of the love and acceptance that will be coming your way.

      There are hundreds of thousands of loving same-sex couples out here who are living our dreams. It can be yours too.